Toddler alert

It´s like having a toddler in the house…

Maybe the toddler period is over, but there are still toys and blankets all over the place. I guess we have moved forward from that toddler period however, and gone into the period when all mornings, afternoons and weekends are full of activities with one person in focus – the baby – the child – the DOG.

The week is all about getting ready for daycare in the morning, training in the afternoons/evenings, either at home or at the dog school (at the moment we are attending the puppy course which is more or less like pre-school for dogs), and the calendar is full of dog school dates as well as meetings with groups of other dogs. Very similar to having a baby really…

The pride that fills us when he lift his leg once in a while for peeing or when he comes with something he have found and wants to hear he is a good boy is also quite similar to when the baby first stands up for the first time or says something clever.

I was not prepared for this but it sure feels really good. I´m a dog owner and I´m proud of it… 🙂

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Christmas is coming

A couple of snow flakes have landed on Misters white fur today but it is probably long till jumping in piles of snow. We are quite happy to wait, thinking of how often we run up and down the stairs carrying that not so little guy 😉

It was however time for all the Christmas decorations today. Among all reindeers, snowmen, lights and Christmas penguins Mister found the funniest toy he have had since he came home. And he did look quite nice in it as well, the Santa hat 🙂

Misse just looked at him with wide eyes and probably thought that guy doesn’t have all hamsters in the wheel 😉

I wonder if that silly show was one reason for Misse to open up a bit tonight. I mean, a puppy in a Santa hat, how dangerous could he be? 😉


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